Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day BBQ

Kale went through 4 forks eating his steak.  It sure looked tasty!
We had to get orange crush to go in the orange crush cooler.  We had orange, grape, cherry, 
and strawberry crush.  Also root beer and cream soda. 
 Pepsi and Mountain Dew thanks to Jed's work.(They were a hit.)

Jed tried to get pictures of everyone.  This is the only one with Stephanie in it.
Great to have LouAnne, Terri, Darrell, and Don all there!

John's daughter, Ty's daughter.
Cool treats.
Brandon's birthday cupcakes!  The frosting made the kids very colorful.
So fun to see all the kids and parents playing dodge ball and chair soccer.

The original "play station".
Lucy and Celia against Jake and Michael.  We had fun!

Had to get a picture of the camera man!
  There were some baby bird learning to fly.  Bad day for that in this yard!  Lots of people.  I hope all is well over there now.  We tried to take good care of them.
All cleaned up and ready to go- almost.  We dumped out the ice from the coolers and the kids had fun.  We noticed this dry spot so we decided to dump the ice there.  

Thank you ancestors!

 Paige had so much fun making bouquets, I had her make center pieces too.

 The Dave, Matt, Kurt, and Jed did a great job with the flowers and kids.

 We showed Louis who he was named after.  We found out Ty's middle name is Louis too.

 It was neat to hear stories again of great ancestors.

 Ellie said she wished she could visit Quinten every day.

 Kurt is such a great cousin!  We planned on being to the cematary around 11:00 but in ended up being 12.  It was great timing, we had a lot of Vorwallers together.  The sun wasn't too hot but as usual, too much talking for the hungry kids!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At the Vorwaller House

Lucy got her wish.  Roxy came too.  We had her tied up in the front for a while and the back for a while.  She had fun with the kids except the basketball.  She watched that from under the trailer.  She was so good.  Kaleb liked her and would come up to her and throw snow balls for her.  She never knocked him down.

Warming hands.

Eat, visit, and relax.
Compliments of Morgan, the girls got adorable ringlets.

My curly girls kept their hair like this for three days and got a lot of compliments.

Baptism Day

Son number 2 would not get his hair brushed.  I really was like whatever.  Who cares?  Since I was making a dress for Lucy we made one for a doll and gave it to her with a little dog for the doll.  Paige crocheted a leash for the dog.

Oh happy day!  It really was.  We felt the Spirit there.  Lucy wanted her Aunt Kettie to speak but decied her mom should speak if Kettie couldn't make it.  It went well.  There were three boys getting baptized that day too.  We had to wait a bit but that was alright.


Here we are meeting her.  Lucy didn't know we were getting her.  She jumped up and down clapping when we told her we could get her.  We had to go  buy a few things first.

Jed took this nice picture.  We switched dog bowls now hoping her nose will go back to black.  Love her either way.  It's been three weeks and she is getting so much better at not jumping on people.  She still wants to eat the tulip bulbs.  Jed is almost done with the kennel or dog run so she won't have to be in our yard all the time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winter 10-11

The girls were so cute with their snow people and pets.  They have great imaginations.

Real tree

December 2010 southern Tooele county was actually snowy this year when we went for our tree!  Glad all went well.